I’m Katie Leary, a wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Somerset, WI. I’m all about capturing raw, organic moments filled with emotion. Let’s get to know each other!

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Middle school teacher turned wedding photographer - and still wearing my dinosaur costume to work

Hi lovers! It’s me, Katie! Your third wheel tagging along for life’s biggest moments. I started teaching math to middle school students and now I’m photographing weddings. I love to tell my wedding parties that it’s basically the same job though. I still find myself acting like a fool to grab your attention for just a few seconds. I’m as laid back and sarcastic as they come, but when it comes to getting things done I run a tight ship. Taking control and making sure things are organized and staying on track is my specialty! 

When I’m not photographing your life, I’m obsessing over my own. I have two kids that keep me on my toes every second of the day and I love it. Between two kids and one spoiled dog named Nala, you’d think we were operating a zoo out of our home. My husband loves to remind me that it’s okay to relax and not have a plan for every single scenario, but after my third cup of coffee I have a hard time remembering that.

We love getting outside, going for boat rides, playing a round of golf or a game of basketball, and just being with each other. We’re currently in the process of teaching our kids ABCs, 123s and how to interpret my sarcasm. Check out my instagram story for all of our best bloopers.

“Katie Is one of the most fun, personable, comfortable, natural-born photographers that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Not only do I love capturing your special moments, but I love when clients become friends. Building relationships that last beyond the wedding day is my ultimate goal.

the why behind

my business

Building Relationships

These moments come and go faster than we expect them to. It’s so important that you have something to look back on that evokes those feelings all over again. I want your galleries to tell a story.


Seeing two people in love makes my heart happy. I don’t care who you are or where you’re from. I love your love.


I will never turn down ice cream. Not even if there’s a fire (You’re my favorite human ever if you get that reference). Plus, ice cream really doesn’t take up any more space since it just melts around the food currently in your stomach.


ice cream freak

I book a trip with one of my college teammates to a new city every year to catch a random game. March Madness and Christmas hold very special places in my heart.


Basketball Lover

While teaching middle schoolers, I once had a student create a sass-o-meter for me. He would adjust the arrow every day based on the level of sassiness I showed up with. He may or may not have been my favorite student.


Sass-o-meter Owner

When my husband and I go on vacation, we ALWAYS find the best bloody mary in town. We once spent an entire morning at a restaurant in La Jolla ordering 4 bloody marys each. Don’t worry, we Ubered home.


Bloody Mary Connoisseur

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